I’m Scott. I started working in digital in 2006, when I founded my own online magazine.

Since then I have worked as a marketing manager, led digital marketing apprenticeship training programmes, and helped business owners make their first steps marketing their companies.

I build websites, I edit existing websites, I run social media channels, I write blogs and articles, I look after PPC advertising, I advise on digital marketing strategy, and I teach people how to do all of the above.

My main value is to do good work. I don’t take shortcuts. I don’t charge for stuff that should be done as standard. I don’t have set packages for the work I do.

Instead, I give honest advice on strategies and approaches that I think will work. And I’ll be completely up front about the work that I’m doing. If you want, I’ll even provide training on it so that you can do it yourself; I don’t believe in keeping what I do a secret.

If you’d like to find out more, email scott@scottdigital.co. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter if you’d prefer.