Bev's Bistro.

A new website for Bev, which allowed her to start trading online during lockdown and keep her business alive.

What was the project?

I was approached to help Bev create a new online presence that would allow people to make and pay for deliveries and takeaways. At the time all hospitality venues in Scotland were closed, and Bev needed to make money in order to keep her bistro open.

The brief was to develop a website that would accept orders to be either picked up or delivered, with a delivery cost based on their location from the bistro.

What were the results?

I created a fully responsive WordPress-based website for Bev. This site was turned around on a small budget to a tight timescale in order to help her get up and running sooner rather than later.

The site makes use of Woocommerce for orders, with a Google API integration to calculate delivery distance and work out the relevant price.

When the site was launched, online orders increased by 2,100% in the first month and remained consistently high. When the lockdowns began to ease, an online table reservation system was introduced. This allows customers to reserve a table and pay a deposit, reducing the number of no-shows.