Digital Pathfinders.

I delivered a half day workshop for company owners new to social media, who wanted to know how to get the most out of if for the businesses.

What was the project?

I was approached by Amanda and the team at Digital Pathfinders to organise a webinar around social media. Together we planned an introductory session that covered social media myths, basic marketing advice, and combined it with some practical insights that the attendees could put into practice straight away.

The session was delivered via Zoom, with promotion and marketing looked after by the Digital Pathfinders team.

What were the results?

The average feedback score from the session was 9/10, which was fantastic to read. Attendees commented that they had "learned a lot", and that there was "a lot of useful information". My interaction and engagement with the people in attendance was also remarked on.

Digital Pathfinders published an overview on their blog following the event. We have also been talking about a follow-up session in the near future given the feedback that was received.

Scott hosted an online Digital Marketing workshop on understanding social media tools for the Digital Pathfinders programme. Although very professional, Scott made the attendees feel at ease and was very clear in his presentation, not using too much jargon so that it was easy for everyone to understand.

He received excellent feedback from the event attendees and we can't wait to do another workshop with him. If you're looking for training or someone to host a digital marketing workshop for you, I strongly recommend you get in touch with Scott.

Amanda Potts, Digital Adoption Manager at Sunderland Software City