A quick turnaround Wordle clone to raise awareness of environmental issues.

What was the project?

The International Institute for Environment and Development approached me to create a variant of the popular game Wordle that raised awareness of environmental issues, called A Greener Worldle. This came about after I created my own clone - mardle - to help my marketing students with some revision of key words.

They wanted to customise the text, tweak the branding slightly, and feature a word list all about the environment. We also included some cookieless analytics using Matomo to get the headline figures on the number of people who had visited the site and where from.

This was all briefed and completed within five days to capitalised on the growth of the game's format.

What were the results?

See for yourself!

The game took off. According to the IIED's own blog and analytics figures more than 5,500 people played the game within the first 48 hours.

The game was featured in Grist magazine, mentioned in the opening of the Washington Post's Climate briefing, and tweeted by Professor Katharine Hayhoe to her 200,000+ followers.

I'd say that's a pretty good result.