Robson Laidler.

Two training sessions aimed at helping a leading accountancy firm's employees use LinkedIn productively.

What was the project?

I was asked to develop a training session for staff at Robson Laidler to help them use LinkedIn effectively. The company was keen to increase their use of the platform, and saw it as a potentially useful marketing tool.

What were the results?

I split the session into two 90 minute chunks, to ensure that more staff could attend by not taking up too much of their time at once. The sessions were held a week apart, so that I could introduce LinkedIn in the first one and then use the second session to address any issues they had encountered.

Staff feedback was incredibly positive. After session one we saw a 630% increase in website traffic over seven days as staff started posting more regularly and using it to engage with clients, which we used to prove the power of what they were doing.

Scott delivered LinkedIn training sessions remotely to over 50 of our accountants / business advisors, with the aim of trying to encourage them to be advocates for our business and find their comfort zone in doing so.

The feedback from the team was outstanding. Scott has managed to convert some social media sceptics into people who are now enjoying seeing the results of what a few simple posts can do for them on a personal and professional level. Within a week we saw a 600% increase in website traffic to our website, thanks to Scott’s simple yet effective training. I would wholeheartedly recommend Scott to any business wanting to ramp up their LinkedIn effectiveness.

Gemma Graham, Head of Marketing at Robson Laidler